This Week’s Topic – Arthritis

When you see an old person on the street trying to cross the crossing section and you are wondering why they are going so slow; this is because of arthritis. “Arthritis is when the cartridge between your bones gets worn out and your bones begin to scrape on each other” (Us National Library of medicine pg 200 line 3) this can cause deformation to your bones. Some causes of arthritis are when you crack your knuckles or any other joint. When you hear the “pop” that is the movement of the cartridge between the joint. The scraping also causes your bones to begin and crack. “The symptoms for arthritis are swelling, severe joint pain and if there is a constant snapping”(US National library of medicine). There are two types of treatment for arthritis: Surgical and non surgical. Non surgical means just to rest whatever body part is aching and place ice on it and come to physical therapy. “If the case of arthritis is very serious it might need surgical treatment. Orthopedic surgeons will place arthoplasty” . Arthoplasty is the replacement of a joint. So the surgeons will have to replace a whole new joint if this happens. Arthritis is not likely but it can happen to kids or young adults. “Some way to prevent getting arthritis at an early age are; taking in a sufficient amount of vitamin D and not cracking any of your joints.” (US National Library Of Medicine)

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